Friday, April 1, 2011

Dropped off the Planet...

And landed here...

This strange place with snow, freeways that look like this...

And trees everywhere...

 It's official. I've dug my way out of the boxes, we're pretty much settled,
and this Vegas girl is now a Washington resident.

Sink or swim. There's no turning back now.
New place - new blog.

Growing on Martin Road

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Grown Up

We got here so fast!  Blink and I've got a kid old enough to have a sleepover!  Jackson & Jayce are best little buddies and when they had two days out of school, we had to take advantage of it!  

Here's what I learned is essential in a sleepover.  
* 2 ecstatic 5 year olds
* Happy Meals (with Mega Mind toys)
* 3 Red Boxed Movies all chosen by 5 year olds
* A gigantic box of superhero costumes to dress up in
* 3 types of ice cream
* Dozen doughnuts for breakfast
* Staying up late (10:30 is late for 5 year olds)
*  Every toy car lined up down the hallway
* Early morning cartoons
* Naps the next day (for boys & mom!!)

I was amazed.  I was all ready for the fight to get these crazy boys in bed, and at 10:30 when their movie was over, they ran upstairs without being asked, got cleaned up, changed into jammies, and were brushing their teeth.  What 5 year olds do that?  
All night I heard these two funny boys saying "Can you believe it!?!?!  We're having our first sleep over!" 

We read three stories.
* A story about a dog who throws parties when his owners leave
(I think it might have given the boys ideas, good thing they're not old enough to stay home by themselves yet)
* A story about jungle animals who have a slumber party
(Pretty fitting, 5 year olds are just about as crazy as Jungle Animals)
* A story about a frog that learns to swim with lots of silly words that the boys laughed every time we said them.

I didn't realize that making funny faces and having your pictures taken was part of the sleep over schedule.  We spent 20 minutes taking pictures and wanting to see their faces in the camera.  
(More bribery for dating later on huh?)

I was nervous after bedtime we'd have some fears, worries or homesickness but Jayce was a champ!  I heard quiet laughing for about 10 minutes and then not another sound until the TV clicked on the next morning to Playhouse Disney!  G'night Boys!!!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Impeccable Timing

Grandma Mickie must have a secret magical power of foretelling the future.  Or she knows the chaos that is our house a little too well!  A package showed up the Thursday before Halloween, and the boys were beyond excited to find new jammies among the candy & treats.  Owen immediately started pulling his shirt trying to get it off to wear his new jammies and the older boys raced to see who could get their new favorites on fastest.

What Grandma didn't know is she was also saving me from Halloween meltdowns later that night.  In between Kindergarten Halloween Party and the Trunk or Treat the same night Jackson put his Transformer's body suit behind a cabinet.  Then couldn't remember where it was.  Combined with the fact that Carter had already lost the pants to his Pirate costume, we were only 1 out of 3 in the costume department.  So we went to the Trunk or Treat in matching Halloween Pajamas.  And the fact that the Pumpkin faces glow in the dark is "the awesomest" to quote Jackson.

Jackson insisted he be photographed with his witch.  This was from Grandma Kathy.  At 5 years old, stuffed animals aren't always the biggest draw anymore, but for some reason the witch is now a permanent part of Jackson's entourage.

Carter as usual lately is not helping in the smiling for pictures department, so here we have the Three Year Old lesson in smiling.  #1 Make funny mouth faces. (while looking incredibly amused with yourself with your eyes)  #2 Smile adorably but turn at incredibly weird angles.  #3 Do exactly as mom asks you but do it looking away from the camera.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

All Lit Up

The only thing that makes pumpkin carving better for little boys .... fire!
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We're so good at this 3 boys in a picture thing.  Only shot taken.  Guess who's nap was missed by carving pumpkins?

All the pumpkins - can you find the little hiders who were told to get out of the picture?

What we lack in creative faces, we sure made up for in fun.  The boys designed days in advance their pumpkins, Jackson wanted a happy pumpkin with half square half triangle teeth.  Carter wanted a scary pumpkin with all triangles (large and small all triangles).   Since Owen ran around the whole time, and only wanted to lift the pumpkin over and over, and we were tired of carving triangles, he got the round pumpkin face.   The white one was drawn and designed without help by Jackson, carved painstakingly along very particular lines by a very patient Dad.  Sure was fun, and the best part this year, we discovered the joy of carving pumpkins outside.  Pumpkin goo cleans up amazingly easy with a hose!

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