Thursday, September 6, 2007


So after begging me last night to feed him cookies for dinner, Jackson got to make cookies with grandma. We went over the to swim this morning (it's starting to get cooler, which for us in the 90's ha! so who knows how much longer it will be warm enough to swim), and while I was getting dressed and holding baby Carter, Jackson talked grandma into making cookies (she's a big softie). He did a great job (only took a bite out of two or three of them before they were baked) and covered them in sprinkles (enough to give any one a sugar induced coma). He was so proud of himself, grandma put them in the oven, and he watched and waited until they were done, and as soon as they were cool, he ran over to bring me one of his treasured treats. "Are they dewiscious mom? dewiscious?" Yes Jackson they were Dewescious! And so are you!

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P & J said...

What dewiscious pictures! Your boys are darling!

Tricia said...

Too cute! Nothing like a Grandma to spoil your kids. I hope to see you tomorrow at playgroup, hint, hint.