Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You's !!

Carter Andrew Yeates ~ 7 lbs. ~ July 2nd, 2007
Here's a copy of Carter's Thank You Note for all the wonderful friends and family who sent things when he was born. I did the first round of Thank You's but never got around to doing the second round. So better late than never, I finally got a chance to use this picture ( I Love this one & I took it!) I backed this on some other paper and then wrote on the backs for the Thank you. I figure its the picture people want, not really what I have to say. But just thought I'd put the picture on because its so darn cute!
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Tricia said...

I love how his sweet little hand is on his cheeck. Good job on the picture! Yeah, I found a stack of address Thank you last month from Trevor's birth that I never mailed! It's just so crazy after the second one. Congrats on getting them out BEFORE his first birthday!

Taralee said...

That IS very cute! And Brinleys birthday was Jun 24th and I wrote up the thank you cards 2 days later--very on the ball right?!! Well I just realized a few days ago that I NEVER sent them. I'm not even going to bother now. I'll look really stupid haha! But I know that I was grateful even if no one else knew it :(