Thursday, September 6, 2007

We Love Girls!

These adorable girls are Jackson's cousins (or second cousins or something, but who cares) and we LOVE them! Everytime we make it up to Utah, one of the highlights is getting the family together and seeing all the kids. Jackson has been enjoying their clamoring for him for quite sometime, but by the look on Carter's face he's not quite sure what to do with all the attention. These are the only people that Jackson lets do whatever they want to him. This time he was being carried all over the house, and giving them all kisses, and answering all their questions or repeating whatever they wanted him to say. He disappeared the minute we got in the door, and spent the entire time in the arms of all the girls and finally appeared about 2 hours later still as happy as can be to be the center of attention!
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Taralee said...

Some pretty girls...what little boy wouldn't LOVE to be swarmed by them :)