Monday, October 22, 2007

This is a life saver!

Okay so I just found a new love! These little paints are amazing! I know its just paint, but this is why I'm excited. Jackson has been begging to paint forever. I've been dreading him painting forever. (He painted my card table blue with my craft paints, because he decided he wanted to paint, and I've never let him near anything like paint again). Well I saw these paints and thought, we'll see. So these are gel paints, so they are thicker and don't spill like regular liquid paint. Also there are three sets of paints and so each one is use once and throw away (I'm all about throw everything away, out of sight, then Jackson can't make a mess with it again). But even cooler is since they are all individual I cut in between the colors, and give him just two of the little pods (like green and blue) and when those colors are gone, he's done painting. They are sealed and you just peel back the plastic and self contained paint! So that's like 18 paint times just out of this little set. It's cheap and so easy! I love it! Very nice for little ones who like to make messes, and mom's who don't want to spend three hours cleaning it up. Not even 2 minutes to wipe off Jackson (Take the clothes off for sure, even though they're washable, I'm not sure there's anything REALLY washable) and wipe off our kitchen island. He had a blast, and nothing in my house got painted this time! Yay!! (He painted a welcome home poster for Uncle Ryan, who comes home from his mission TOMORROW!!)


Tricia said...

I'm off to Target tomorrow to get some! Both boys love doing art so this will be fun to add to the many supplies!

Pike's Place said...

Great idea! Thanks! I'm always looking for something for Jayce to do.

Susie said...

Sounds great! I'll have to check those out!