Thursday, October 18, 2007

Twins!! Well almost!

Jackson and Carter got matching outfits, and when I put Carter in his, Jackson had to follow. But then Jackson wouldn't let me change either of their clothes! No! Dino! He'd scream and cry if I tried to change his or Carter's clothes. At least we had no major spills or accidents, they stayed relatively clean, so I guess this is one of those times you pick your battles. Well we went about 2 days and I couldn't go any longer. But they sure looked cute while they were twins!!

We also bought Carter a bumbo chair, and this was the first face we got the first time we put him in. He loves it! I had seen them just around the time Jackson would have grown out of it, but we never got one, and now with Carter it's great! He can sit and watch whatever we're doing, rather than laying in his bouncer, or his swing. The smiles are so worth the price tag.

Aren't those checks hilarious?!?!

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Taralee said...

Cute! I love dressing my girls the same :)

Chris and Kara Wood said...

Gotta LOVE the Bumbo chair! I love dressing my girls the same too!

Kelsey said...

They are little hams! So adorable! Wish I could take their pics =)