Sunday, November 11, 2007

Inmate # A258002

Inmate: Sophie
Escaped: Thursday November 8, 2007
Duration: 2 days
Found: I-15 southbound 10 miles north
Thought to be going home to Mom & Dad's House

While we were dogsitting Sophie, she ran away. She escaped from our yard Thursday morning and Jackson and I posted signs and spent the whole day driving Southern Highlands looking for her. (He yelled "Sophie come home!" out the window the whole time) After many calls to different animal shelters, someone who was actually helpful (for once) told me of a website where they post pictures and descriptions of dogs who have been found. I got on and there was a description of Sophie. The next morning when they opened I drove out to identify the inmate and it was her. She was so dirty from running around the freeway, dark grey, that I gave her a bath and cut her hair, so she'd be white again. Which at this time of the year makes her cold - therefore she needed her sweater. We also took her and got her a name tag so that if she ever makes a break for freedom again we'll find her.

Jackson (to his dad's dismay) has started calling Sophie 'my dog'. (Bart says that's fine, it's his dog, but his dog that lives at Grandma's.) He leads her around on her leash everywhere. Since she disappeared he's been asking every 5-10 minutes, where's Sophie mom? then goes to check she's still outside or in her kennel. He also said to me last night, "mom, I find you. " I said you'd find me? "Yeah, if you lost, I find you."
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Kelsey said...

Now that is hillarious! Glad to read all your updates. Glad it was your moms dog and not some friends that would never trust you again. I can't believe your luck in finding that site and HER! What an amazement!

Pike's Place said...

I am SO glad you found the dog. I've seriously been concerned. Whew!

I also love your playgroup pics -- Tricia is a good mentor to have. Thanks for coming! We love having you, Jackson, and Carter there!

Anna said...

sorry, this has nothing to do with your mom's dog. I just want to know how you got your slideshow onto the side of your blog as a permanent thing and not just a blog post. mine slideshow is just a post right now and I can't figure out how to make it like yours.