Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunset Park Duck Pond

Cute boys: Trevor, Gabe, Shane & Jackson

Growing up here we used to go feed the ducks at Sunset Park, we even hijacked some eggs, hatched a duck and kept it as a pet for a while, so it was really fun for me to take Jackson to the park to feed the ducks for his playgroup activity. The boys sure had fun (we have lots of little boys in our ward, and a few cute girls Ella & Allyssa) and Jackson loved the ducks. They ran all over the park, climbing and running after each other. Even a short game of hide & seek (where Ella looked and all the boys hid behind the same very skinny tree...) Those are going to be some chubby ducks, I think we fed them 4 bags of bread, 2 bags of popcorn, 2 bags of hot dog buns & a box of animal crackers. I'm so glad we have a playgroup to go to. It's so much fun for Jackson and the girls are so great about varying the activities so its always something fun to do. It's such a fun group of kids (and moms) and I think I look forward to it sometimes more than Jackson does.

(Did you notice Tricia? Different camera angles...I'm trying.)
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Tricia said...

Yes, I actually did notice before you even pointed it out! Great job! We love having you at playgroup too and I'm glad you like the activities. It's so fun to have all these crazy boys!