Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bissell ProHeat Turbo Carpet Cleaner

This wonderful contraption has saved Jackson's life about 423 times so far in his short two years. One of the most well used Christmas Gifts we've ever bought ourselves. The list to date includes such beauties as play doh (yellow & red), an entire bottle of my brand new liquid makeup, with complementary mascara to match, and on multiple occasions bodily fluids (non of which have been blood). Half an hour before (it's always right before huh?) our fun group date last night (during which it was proven once again that I suck at bowling!), Jackson once again proved to us that the carpet cleaner was worth way more than the $200 bucks it cost. We'll just say somehow Jackson decided to change his diaper by himself, put on a new one, wipe & read a book all at the same time. But then being the good little boy that he is, put himself back down for a nap. So when he woke up, big surprise for mom & dad! If you love your children - buy a carpet cleaner!


Taralee said...

I was totally laughing at the "put himself back to sleep part". I've gone in Halles room on several occasions and she looks NOTHING like when she went down for her nap. Either her crib is full of toys, or she's in a princess dress and when I walk in it's so funny to me for some reason :) Jackson is a hoot!!

Shelise said...

lol. I just read taras comment and the first thing she said is exactly what I was going to say. the "put himself back down for a nap part." Thats hilarious