Thursday, December 27, 2007


We invited our ward to go Caroling and then have cinnamon rolls at our house. It was so much fun and we had such a great turn out. Bart and our Bishop guessed we had almost 100 people when we were out caroling! We went around to a bunch of families in our ward, the kids sang their little hearts out! I know we had over 70 come back to the house for cinnamon rolls... good thing I made over 10 dozen cinnamon rolls!
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Pike's Place said...

You did such a good job hosting the ward caroling party! The food was delicious and the company divine. Thanks for a wonderful night!

Taralee said...

you're one ambitious girl that's all I can say!!

MitziMcB said...

You can go ahead and get rid of that first photo of my white socks! Those are the only close toed shoes that are comfy in my pregnant state and my black socks were all dirty. So I thought I could possibly get away with white ones for a bit. WRONG!! Now there is a photo for everyone to see!