Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jackson and His Car

The biggest hit was Jackson's car. He was so excited when he opened it. The rest of the morning he spent shuttling presents (in his back compartment) to other people and driving to various locations (work, Washington, Costco, the galaxy).

The first thing Jackson did after presents were over was to park his car in his garage (the bathroom) and wash his car. (Hmmm.... I wonder who's son this is?) The only problem was that he was washing the car with a sponge he found and water from the toliet. So then Mama and Jackson really washed the car.

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Pike's Place said...

Boys and their cars . . . true love! :)

Taralee said...

We got that car last year (I think) and they LOVED it. We had the same talk about washing it and all...but they never did it with toilet water :) Fun for you huh?!!

Tricia said...

Too cute! My boys have the police car one and just love it. I love how Jackson likes to take care of his car and wash it. All your storied just make me laugh. Jackson is so cute and full of ENERGY! I LOVED your Christmas newsletter!