Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kid's Christmas Party

Pulte Homes throws a party for adults and a party for families for Christmas each year. The kids got to see Santa and he gave them each a gift (Jacks got a bowling set, and Carter got a music/light guitar). Then there was face painting, bowling, food, and a huge arcade). We had a blast, it was so fun. Until we tried out bowling. Jackson and Bart decided to bowl, while Kellie & Carter took pictures. They only made it through about 3.5 frames though when Jackson took off down he alley after his ball. Bart in an effort to grab him, ran down the rail in between the alleys and broke his toe catching it in the gutter. That was then end of bowling (and the party) and I don't think we'll be attempting it for a little while, (the toe has healed but I'm not sure Bart's frustration at bowling has...)
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