Thursday, December 27, 2007

"My Lil Grill"

We had such fun with Bart's cousin Joanne and her husband James. We went to cowboy Christmas, (although none of us are cowboys), the fashion show mall (which for some reason had blown their water line, so there were no bathrooms, water fountains or food), and then to dinner at a very yummy cafe in the Venetian. (Reading that back it didn't sound that fun, but it was) They were in town for only a day, but it was sure fun to see them. They went to Phantom of the Opera and we got to watch little baby Alli. . . Jackson was in love at first sight (How can you not be? Look at those eyes!?!) "My lil grill." "My lil grill Alli." She was such a doll. We hope she comes back again to play soon!
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Brianna said...

She has got amazing eyes!

James said...

Thank you guys for these! Fun pictures. Our address is 28730 n noble dr Phoenix Az 95085. Again so much fun. And your blog is awesome! Hope your Christmas was great.

AlliFinn said...

Made a mistake our address is :
28730 N Nobel Road
Phoenix AZ 85085
When you come to Phoenix you have a warm place to stay.