Sunday, December 2, 2007

Playing Catch Up!

Being gone for so long I didn't even realize I'd been tagged - so late better than never here we go...

6 things about me you're dying to know - (Admit it I know you are...)

1. I have a fabric fetish. When I was a new born baby I started rubbing fabric in between my fingers. It was soothing to me. I have done it everyday of my life since then. If its a good fabric that it makes a noise that I like (Men's church shirts are a good one, as well as some type of sheets). When we were little Erin and I shared a room, and I would keep her up at night because she could hear me rubbing the sheets in my hand. (We also would send notes back in forth across our room, using a rollerskate, because my parents told us we weren't allowed to talk or get out of bed!)

2. Well this one isn't a secret you've probably all seen me do it, but I bite my nails. I have done this as well since I was really little. My mom and dad bought Erin and I each a bike if she stopped sucking her finger and I stopped biting my nails. I did, got the bike and then started again. I quit in high school and it stuck until Bart and I were engaged and then I started doing it again (I told him he makes me nervous). Now I still do it, except after each of my boys when I first start nursing I don't bite my nails for about 5 weeks. I have really pretty nails and they're really strong and then after the 5th week, they're gone again!

3. I have an unhealthy obsession with school/ office supplies. (which I guess is part of the reason I became a teacher). I love them! I feel an unending desire to buy them, and to horde them. I just recently donated a huge box to the school district of brand new pencils, notebooks, dry erase markers etc. because I had filled a twelve drawer dresser all with school supplies and didn' t have anymore room for important things (like scrapbook supplies!). When August comes around its all I can do not to wander Target or such stores and buy all the fun school supplies. This year I made a conscious decision not to go to the store during those back to school times, because I knew Bart would kill me if I came home with more school supplies. This is the one reason I'm excited for Jackson to get big and go to school.

4. I have monkey toes. Since I was little I have used my feet as a second pair of hands. I can stand not just tippy toed, but on the literal tops of my toes (like where your nails grow out). I use them to pick of everything. Its come in especially handy with babies, because I can carry Carter around and clean the family room or something with my feet. Both of my boys have inherited my monkey toes (Jackson picks things up and Carter will wrap his hands and feet around my arm and hang from my arm like a little monkey), and I'm not ashamed to say that I think its great. Bart thinks I'm weird but I'd feel horrible if my kids didn't have this, its so useful!!

5. I show love by petting people. It drives most people crazy and I'm sorry, but I love to pet people on their heads or faces. Erin has hated it her whole live and Bart has joined her club. Erin has a weird obsession that she doesn't like people touching her head or face, and since I especially love to, there have been many tense situations where she's mad at me for trying to pet her face. It drives Bart crazy and I especially like to do it while he's driving. Then his hands are busy and he can't stop me. (He also doesn't like when I pick at him, ex. fix his eyebrows, or want to pop a zit or pull out an ingrown hair on his neck or something). There are have been times in our marriage where he's literally running away and I'm chasing him just saying let me do it and then you won't have to worry about it. Or if you'd just stop running and let me do it, then this wouldn't take so long. (I usually always win).

6. I could never have too many dishes. The first piece of furniture Bart and I bought when we got married is my hutch. (I am in love with it) It is a huge, heavy, expensive piece of furniture that no newlywed should need, but I had more dishes than Bart could believe so we bought the hutch (and it was an amazing deal). It was in all our BYU apartments (Flush to the ceiling and scraping popcorn off the tops of some) and Bart and his brothers squatted it off the back of a truck and over a railing and through a two story window to get it into one apartment because it wouldn't make it up the stairs. I just love dishes. Both my mom and my mother-in-law support and enable my habit (and I love them for it). I have ice cream cups, smoothie glasses, hot chocolate glasses, glasses for fancy drinks, goblets, wine glasses (not for wine), mugs, semi-fancy china, really fancy china, my grandma's china, plates for everyday, plates for other everyday, 3 sets of like 12 of side dish glasses (like bowls to serve salsa & guacamole), Halloween dishes, Christmas dishes, plus all the normal need for cooking dishes. And the rule is they all must be used for the thing I have deemed them for, and even though you could use them for something else, serious contemplation must be had before approval is given. (Bart one time put Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider in the hot chocolate glasses and I thought he was insane).

So there you go - there are probably more (in fact I know there are) but I don't want too much evidence out there that I'm insane. (Just enough to make you suspect I am, not confirm the suspected. ) I now tag: Mitzi, Tricia, Lisa & Erin (this means you have to make a blog Erin, I'm not going to stop harassing until you do it). Lets see how nuts you all are!


Taralee said...

OK, I was laughing so are HILLARIOUS!! :) That school supplies one had me rollin'!! And...well, all of them. Thanks for sharing!

Kelsey said...

I am totally cracking up, too! You have always been a nail biter but why when youre nursing do you stop? And, I don't recall ever being petted =). Guess I'm not that loved. LOL

Shelise said...

All I have to say is you and I are more alike than I ever knew.

Pike's Place said...

Fun blog! It's nice to be reminded that we all have our quirks -- it makes me feel more normal. Now I know to come to you for office supplies and fancy dishes. :)

Bird's Nest said...

I love it-too funny. Josh definitely remembers moving the hutch and the popcorn ceilings get all scraped off. Good times.

MitziMcB said...

I too have never ben pet. I am a bit offended! I have now been tagged twice so I guess it is time to do it. I just don't know if I have enough interesting things about me. I will try.