Saturday, December 8, 2007

Turkey Bowl 2007

Bart's favorite part of Thanksgiving. All the guys from Quincy, Dads, Grandpas, High School guys or even younger kids all get together and play football on Thanksgiving morning. Bart looks forward to this game for months. This year they had three games going. Two for the men and one for the Jr. High age (or almost Jr. High). So Grandma & I took the boys to watch and although cold they had a fun time. Carter was wrapped up warm and snuggly with Grandma in her jacket, and Jackson who later announced he was done, cold and time to go back to Grandma's had fun throwing a football back and forth with mama, while watching dad play. (Bart is on the far left in the 2nd picture with the ball, and the funny ear flap hat, hee hee!)At least this year there weren't very many injuries, and although a little sore the next day, everyone made it out in pretty good shape (past injuires have been rolled and hugely black and blue ankles, black eyes, and very bruised sore ribs).
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Tricia said...

I love traditions like this. What a good sport you are cheering the boys along! I love how Carter looks so snug with Grandma!