Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carter is a Stinker

Jackson started crawling at 8 months and quickly progressed to walking at 10 months. Carter blew us all away when he crawled just a few days after being 6 months. So somewhere in the back of my head I kept telling myself, well he'll just crawl for like 4-5 months. I am so wrong. He's been standing for 3 weeks now, (he's only 7 months). And just a few days ago started doing the walking along the couches or tables while holding on. Dang it. If he walks by like 8 months, I'm going to have to tie him up. I can't take two who can run! These are what happens every morning and after each naptime, he immediately stands up, starts inching his way around his crib and yells "Hey! I'm awake! Come get me right now!" until I get in there. The last face was just as he started rebelling that I was taking pictures instead of getting him out of the crib to let him roam free. I'm so in trouble!
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Pike's Place said...

It's nice that Carter's so advanced in those physical milestones, but sheesh -- what a lot of work for mom!!! Good luck! He's so cute, by the way.

Mitzi said...

two that can run really isn't as hard as you think. A perfect example is at the park the other day. He is crawling all around anyway. Now he just won't be as dirty!