Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Chaos that is My Purse

Courtnie (my sister's sister-in-law) did this on her blog, tagged me and I've taken forever to finally do it, but I thought its a fun way to document the everyday stuff I deem essential for my life.

So after carrying the world's smallest purse (even after Jackson), I finally traded up for the huge mama diaper bag when we had Carter. Now I can never find anything because my bag's so big... So here's my bag, and all the junk I fit into it. This I must say is a light load, I've weighed my bag and it weighs more than Carter sometimes. You add in filled up sippy cups, my blackberry, my keys, a bottle of water (I'm trying to make myself drink more), scriptures / RS manual on Sundays, a few more toys, a blanket for Carter, and it starts to get way too heavy.

Here's my running list: pens, Excedrin, Victoria Secret's Lotion, Cafe Rio Take out meno (essential I know), bobby pins, band-aids, earrings that match anything, highlighter (for Relief Society Manual), Costco & Sam's Club cards, business cards, copies of both kids' birth certificates (mini ID card size), birthday money (thanks to Mom, Kevin & Grandma), insurance cards, debit card, American Express (for Costco), Discover Card (for Sam's Club), chapstick (yes, there are four I don't know why)

Here's the boys stuff: Binkies (that neither of my boys have ever taken, I don't know why I carry them), diapers for both, wipes, Desitin, baby lotion, crayons and blank paper to keep Jackson busy, his church tie (don't know why it's in here), fruit loops (Carter thinks these are amazing!), two cars (one for each boy), Cheerios board book.

I tag anyone who would like to do this. . . come on show us how much junk is in your purse. At least this gave me an excuse to clean some of this out of there!
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The Cotterell Family said...

Good job! It looks good and I can't believe you can get all that in that cute purse/bag. Very impressive and yes, it is a good excuse to clean it out! :)