Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have it in for myself. . .

I am not usually a klutzy person. Yet in the last two days I've just about maimed myself twice. Monday while going grocery shopping, I opened the car door, just as Jackson said something, and I turned my head to respond, and as I opened the door, whacked myself straight in the forehead with the edge of the door, leaving a nice diagonal line bruise (good thing for makeup) . This however was not the first time that's happened, I almost knocked myself out on Bart and my second date because I literally shut my head between the door and the door frame of his El Camino (that's right, I couldn't resist the El Camino).

Today I am cleaning my tall French doors that go out to the backyard (which doesn't not ever happen, I should have never attempted it), and as I'm standing on the top of my folding stool, I stepped back just enough to make the stool a little off center and it folded up while I was standing on it, dumping me onto the concrete patio, smack on my back. So to match my bruised diagonal line, I have a nice black & blue back. Tomorrow we're going bowling, I can only imagine what I'll end up doing to myself armed with a 10 pound ball of pain. I am a genius.

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Tricia said...

How fun! I love all the stuff you need to survive. Do you not have a wallet for all your cards? I'm laughing at the church tie, earrings, and binkis your boys don't use! I JUST cleaned out my purse this morning so I'll wait about a day and do this! Too fun.