Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jackson the Cub Scout

I've been in a cub scout calling for about the last year and a half, and Jackson just can't get enough of the cub scouts. Each week he has to do whatever the scouts are doing, he's made gingerbread houses, candy trains, model cars, gone to Pack Meetings, and colored on the pack flag. He cries when they have to go home. Our Blue & Gold banquet is in a couple weeks, and the Bellagio atrium is decorated in Chinese New Year decorations (our scouting theme for the month of February is Chinese New Year). So we took the boys down to the atrium to take their pictures to post at the Blue & Gold dinner. Jackson has to be in the middle of everything. Every picture I took there, was Jackson posing right in the center. The picture in front of the green pagoda was were we took a picture of each boy. So of course we had to take one of Jackson too! We had ten cub scouts, one adopted cub scout and eleven Chinese New Year pictures!
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The Ward Family said...

Ha Ha Ha, you'll never guess what my new calling is....CUB SCOUTS!!!! I died laughing when he told me my calling. I'm the Bear Den leader. We have blue adn gold next week. They got me just in time to decorate and cook! :)