Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Ode to My Sisters

I have two sisters, both younger. Erin is married with 2 little boys and lives in NYC. Jenna is a sophmore studying Social Work at BYU. Erin is more sophisticated and polished than I am. She's trendy (she even has skinny jeans), and even after two kids is instantly a stick (we hate her). Jenna is so much fun and is always perfectly accessorized, she's always wearing fun, but surprising things and always looks great. They're both silly and I miss them. I am avidly trying to incorporate a little of each of them. So with part of my birthday cash (only to be spent on me, by strict orders of Mom) I bought two new pairs of shoes. I have about 800, which already take up all of my designated shoe space, but they were a little lonely, so I got them two new friends. The gold are in homage to Jenna, they're a little glitzy, totally unneccesary, fun, with little hearts if you look close, and if that's not enough they even have a little bow. Wow. I finally decided to get them, when I decided they would be something she'd buy. The black are my tribute to Erin. She is much more trendy and has been bugging me for a while to convince me to buy some pointy shoes. I hate pointy shoes. Bart calls them witch shoes, (he likes these). These just might have changed my mind. So to replace my now broken black high heels (which I wore until they literally ground themselves into the ground heel first), I've given into the pointy shoe obsession. And yes being only 5 foot 3, I get to wear 4 inch heels. Balancing in them while carrying my boys is another story, but I'm getting better!
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Pike's Place said...

Your shoes are awesome! Why can't I be cute and trendy like that?