Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our silly boys

Jackson has been experimenting in getting himself dressed lately. This was the outfit he wanted to wear the other day. Yep just two of Bart's socks. Don't worry there is a reason for them not matching. He was very forceful in making sure I knew that the black one is for basketball, and the white one is for soccer. (maybe I'm confused, but I don't think I ever saw guys play basketball in thigh high black church socks, oh well). The other memorable outfit of the week was a fireman's coat (from his Halloween costume), Mickey mouse pajama pants, spiderman fuzzy slippers and my old baseball cap. I actually had to take him to the store in it, because he would not change. I forgot to take a picture of that one, but I'm sure there will be other memorable outfits. I'm so sick of the words "I do myself."

Carter is already getting into trouble. Jackson set down a chocolate chip cookie on the coffee table, and now mobile Carter inched his way over (he's no dummy, you attack when they're not looking and you can steal the cookie), and downed the whole thing. In the process covering his face, his jammies (especially his feet for some reason) and my carpet in chocolate. One more use for the steam cleaner. (The next day he stole Jackson's rice krispy treat. Jackson better learn to not put his food down, or to eat it before Carter can get it or he's going to get robbed blind.)
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Becca and Ty said...

your kids are so cute :) I love these updates

Brianna said...

Ha Ha Ha! Benjamin and Emma are learning that too! I think the little guys just get sick of being told what to do that they can't help but be sneaky! I'm sure Carter LOVED that cookie!

chris2005nath said...

You post the cutest things. I love the shoe post about Erin and Jenna. :)