Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Rantings. . .

To whoever the genius is that decided to start leaving me comments that are linked to a virus, You are a butthead. That's right resorting to third grade lingo because you made me that mad! These are family / friend websites. We get nothing out of doing this but keeping in touch with people we love. To use that as a way to sabotage someone's life (because that's what these blogs show, our lives and children to those we aren't near) shows the type of person that you are. I feel so disappointed to have it proven to me that there are people like you out there in the world, who just want to hurt others for the sake of hurting others. That you get satisfaction out of trying to harm peoples' memories (photos, blogs etc. because that's what most of us are storing on these computers you try and sabotage) shows the sorry state of your life, and your soul. Get help. I'm sorry your mother never hugged you or whatever your problem is, deal with it, be a man and leave me and my family alone. BUTTHEAD!

So now there is one of those lovely comment nonsense word boxes. Sorry to everyone else, but you can thank Jon the butthead (that's how it was spelled, and his comment said Look Here. (very original huh? Screams I'm a virus) and if you click on his profile it does the same virus thing, it listed his blog as CJ. Just delete him. I now will waste no more time on you.

Point two. Blog time goes so much faster than real time. I post and think oh I just posted, I'll do it in a couple days. Couple days go by, and I think I've got a little while, I need some more pictures or whatever, and then go check my blog and it's been 9+ days. I swear it hasn't been 9+ days in my world, but some how in the world of blogger, the date changed at least nine times. So if I'm behind a lot I'm sorry, it's not my fault. There's a little time stealing fairy in my computer clock, and she likes to go quicker than I'm accustomed to.

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Katrina said...

That sucks! Did you get a virus on your computer? If so how did you know it was from Jon or whatever his name is ? My computer crashed last week and I had to get a new hard drive. Do you think I could have opened a virus while looking at blogs?