Monday, March 3, 2008

Carter is contained

At least while trying to keep Carter out of all the construction mess, he's still smiling and happy about it! This is his little car he got for Christmas and he's already experimenting on how to make it go faster. He's even tipped himself over, from trying to go too fast!
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The Sorensens said...

Ezra has those jammies!!!

Kelsey said...

I have so many posts to update on! Cute haircut- love it! Jared hates short hair on me, too and I am told that there will be no more shopping if I chop it. =) ha ha. Your boys never cease to amaze me with their creativity! =) They are such hunks. Tell them I have 2 cuties lined up for them. Miss you!

David and Tiff said...

SO fun to see your boys growing up. Keep the pics coming... I love them.