Sunday, March 2, 2008

Carter is a good eater!

For those of you who know Jackson know that this kid runs on like two tablespoons of food a day. He'll eat anything, but its two bites and he's done. So he grazes all day long. Our main focus the last few weeks has been making Jackson eat. So as a motivator we've been trying to talk up how great Carter is about eating. This child is amazing. He just loves to eat. Jackson has heard many times this last little while, "Carter is such a good eater! Jackson don't you want to eat like Carter?" We've tried the 'do you want to big and strong' bit, the putting him in time out, the airplane deal, the eat three bites and you can have a treat deal. Anything we can think of. It usually takes two or three of these, and lately he's been eating about half of his dinner (which is great for him).

So a few morning ago, I gave Carter 3 or 4 cheerios and was making Jackson's breakfast, when I hear, "Carter, You're such a good eater!" about four times. I walk in and Jackson has given Carter 4000 cheerios for breakfast. And as you can tell Carter thinks it's the best when Jackson gives him breakfast instead of mama.
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