Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cute Easter Pictures

Tricia is a great friend in our ward, and she's a wonderful photographer. Each year she does cute Easter pictures with baby animals (baby chicks this year), with the kids in our ward/area. This is the first year she's done our boys pictures, and I'm so excited to see them. These are not her pictures, these are mine I took with my dinky point & shoot camera and my no camera skills, it takes me like 30 pictures to get 6 good ones, every once in a while I pick her brain on how to make my pictures better, so they're better than they used to be, but I'm sure not like hers. There are many more of Jackson because while she was shooting Carter, I was so busy trying to keep Jackson & Carter from killing the baby chicks, I only got 3 pictures of Carter. When I get them back, I will definitely post her amazing pictures. By the end of the shoot, I was so tired. 5 baby chicks and 4 toddler boys, my arms ached, my legs hurt, even my c-section scar was hurting. I have no idea how she does so many families. She does two days with a family every half hour. She made special exception for me & my boys, because I completely spaced that she was doing it last weekend and didn't sign up or get clothes for the boys. So she very graciously let me do our shoot late on Wednesday. I can't wait to see the cute pictures. And yes Jackson is a monkey. He climbed up in this tree so fast, and was jumping all over, which made for some weird pictures (at least the ones I took). But at least he had fun. He also had big fun playing in a water fountain, so that is water all over his shirt - but oh well. We're not perfect, we're just going for happy. See what you think - maybe next year she'll do your kids too!
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Pike's Place said...

I'm afraid to get Tricia's photos back . . . I'm sure she did a great job, but I'm feeling so poor right now. You did a good job with your pics, too. As Tricia says, "It's easy when the kids are so cute," and yours fit in that category!

Tricia said...

Ahhh, I can't wait to see them too! The memory card is found but we left for CA and I haven't gotten to look yet. I was tired too but it's so much fun. I hope the chickens are alive in the backyard when we get home!