Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodbye Connor!

Jayce, Jackson, Connor & "Baby Tara"

Jackson's first real little friend. The first not family name Jackson could say. Friend Jackson prays for almost every night. Friend who would get out of his mom's car, yell "Yay! Jackson!" Then they would hug and run inside to play. (The third picture is Jackson trying to hug Connor). Connor loves trains, and calls them "shoo shoo", and Jackson used to call them choo choo's but because he wants to be like Connor every time he sees a train says "Connor shoo shoo". Jackson could give me turn by turn directions on how to get to Connor's house. I tried to explain to Jackson that Connor is moving far away, and he won't be here to play anymore. I asked Jackson if he understood, and he said 'I not understood." I explained that Connor's daddy Mike (who Jackson calls by name and really likes, gets mentioned in the prayers too), got a new job to go to far away, so Connor had to go, so his daddy could go to work. Jackson said "I just get the Mike building and moved it to Connors house. So not far away, and everyone happy." Thanks for being Jackson's first friend Connor. He's sure going to miss you. (and so will I.)
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Pike's Place said...

So, cute! I love the hand-holding shot even though most weren't looking (except for Connor).