Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I blame his Daddy

It's bad enough that Bart took good towels out of the linen closet and wrapped them around some pipe in the front yard (with duct tape), so now they are no longer good towels, they were blue and are now a mixture of blue (under the duct tape) and a faded out grey (what was exposed all winter). So Jackson told me earlier today that he was working on his ambulance (what he is calling his car for the moment). When I told him he needed shoes, he told me no sandals because he has mats. I kept cleaning the kitchen, and then realized what mats? So he had also gotten towels out and made his own mats to work on his car. He was washing it, filling it with gas, filling the trunk with rocks...all very important work mind you. And yes once again on my towels! It must be genetic.
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Brian Wall said...

Please tell Bart that I think he's an absolute genius.