Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missing the McBrides

(Sorry for some of the weird pictures, but we're always so busy taking pictures of our kids, we never take any of ourselves, so I had to go with the only ones I could find!)

One of my favorite friends, just moved far away (as I tell Jackson, but really to South Carolina, which is pretty much far away). She was the first person I became friends with in this ward. She was in cub scouts with me, and helped me try and come to grips with the craziness that is cub scouting. Because of her willingness and encouragement in being my friend she helped me to meet such a fun group of girls (Lisa, Tricia, Julie, Maren, Leslie etc). I am not what you would call really shy, and once I get to know you, I'm pretty outgoing, but it's really hard for me to put myself out there. She really helped me to get more out of that, and even Bart has said he's so proud of me, for the change I've been trying to make in getting to know people. She's the reason for that change. She is so genuinely nice to everyone, she's an amazing mom (to three children under three years old mind you!), and she really understands what is important in life.

We decided that since we were friends, we wanted our husbands to be friends, so we used to set them up on dates. One of us would suggest an activity, (like basketball or a guy movie) then say, "hey, why don't you call Bart?" Or "go give Mike a call, he might be home" when we knew full well they were home, and not doing anything. It used to take all four of us to schedule it though, because Bart would make me call Mitzi, and then she would relay the message on to Mike, and vice versa. We'd just finally gotten them to the point where they would call and talk to each other, and then they found out there was a possibility that they'd be moving. (Now I'm going to have to find Bart a new date...anyone want to volunteer their husband?)

She was the difference in me feeling apart of our ward, and wanting to get to know more people. She would always be up for scrapbooking, or making quiet games for church, or just letting the kids play at the park, so we can sit for a moment without going crazy. She'd show up at my house, because I'd left my phone in the car (again) and she thought we should go to the park because it was such a nice day, and not care that I was in my robe and neither of my kids were dressed yet, or what my house looked like. (I didn't go to the park in my robe...just to clarify). She didn't mind the dirty looks when the two of us, with five kids between us, would go anywhere together, and everyone was wondering, who's kids were who's and how did we have 5 between us, in such close ages... The kind of friend you call and say, "I just saw the weirdest sign", "go to Target ____ is on sale", or "guess what my kid just did!" (even when it was something disgusting, and you just needed someone to tell you their kid's done it too). I think we had more useless conversations than productive ones, but she's made a big difference in my little world, and I'm really going to miss her.
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Pike's Place said...

I miss Mitzi, too. She was such fun! I'm glad you guys were close friends, and I'm glad she got you out of your "shell." We're so glad you're friends with us, so don't move anytime soon! I'm serious!!! Maybe we should hook Bart and Jer up sometime. :)

Tricia said...

I miss Mitzi too! She is such a great friend what are we going to do? She better come visit! I never would have thought you were a shell type of gal. I remember you coming to an Enrichment right after you moved here and being impressed with coming not knowing anyone and being so fun!