Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Process

All by myself. These are the three most hated words in our house this week. I heard it about 20 times while Jackson was bowling (yep that would be twice per frame). This is how it started he carried it part way to the alley, walked to the wrong alley, then because he was now tired from carrying the 6 lb. ball "by myself" he took a little break. Then we attempt to carry it again, to the right alley, put it down on the floor, roll around on the ball for a few minutes shining the ball with your shirt, then still while laying on the floor, slowly push the ball so that it travels at the precise speed of .23 miles an hour. After 7 minutes it takes to get to the end of the lane he finally gets up, turns around and no matter how many pins he got raises his arms, yelling Yay! and jumps up and down.

He was so excited to go bowling. I was too. I thought it would be so fun. After three frames, Jackson up and down the bowling alley twice trying to push Carter at break neck speeds, declaring he was done bowling (with seven more frames, that eventually took us another hour and 15 minutes to bowl), and running down the alley towards the pins, slipping and falling hitting his head in the process, I started to rethink the bowling with two little boys (Jackson bowling, and I was trying to bowl, carrying Carter in one hand and the ball in the other). Next time we're going to wait for daddy to get done with work, so I'm not so outnumbered. I have always questioned the bowling is a sport issue. Well if they opened professional bowling with a toddler and a baby, I would call that a sport.
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Pike's Place said...

You described it so perfectly . . . what an interesting morning that was. :)