Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Jackson funnies

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we were doing some little projects around the house (putting in new light fixtures, changing light bulbs) the boys love helping daddy. So after the projects, we sang a song (Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam) and read scriptures. When we asked Jackson what song he wanted to sing, he wouldn't pick one. We gave him the choice of Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, or Once there was a Snowman. He still wouldn't pick one. So I said well what do you want to sing? Jackson said "Let's sing a girl song" (he's been a little girl obsessed lately) and I said what is the girl song? How does it go? Jackson said the girl song says "I love you" alot. (Ha! Doesn't that pretty much sum up all girl songs?!?)

A few weeks ago Jackson was having a hard time in nursery, whining, crying, screaming when he didn't get his way. (We've been fighting this at home too, and its getting less). So yesterday I told his nursery leaders that if he at all gave them problems, he should be taken out, and come get me. We warned Jackson that if he wasn't a good boy he had to come out and be with mama, not stay and play in nursery. When we picked him up they told us that not only was he being a good boy, but that he had chosen a little girl friend (Nora) and that they spent the whole time together, and he told them over and over again, that he was married to her. When I asked him about it he said he married her because she was just like his mama. A little girl mama. (How cute!)

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Pike's Place said...

So you and the Bakers are practically family now. How cute! Jayce sure has a hard time going to Sunbeams knowing Jackson is in nursery. However, it sounds like Jackson's a bit distracted now and Jayce would just cramp his style with the ladies. :) Jayce only likes to hear songs on the radio sung by women -- no guys. I think he's on a girl kick, too. Although no girlfriend, yet (whew!).