Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tag Carter’s It

So our cute friend Hudson (not the nephew Hudson, but he's cute too!) tagged Carter, and I was so excited! It's nice when Carter gets to steal some attention away (because Jackson usually gets most of it, but Carter is starting to fight for his own audience). So here's 8 things about cutie Carter…

  1. Carter will eat until you stop feeding him. He has only stopped on his own once. He LOVES food (yep – that's where the little adorable rolls come from). He will eat anything (yesterday he had mama's Café Rio burrito with hot enchilada sauce on it and loved it!) He loves food so much he claps after each bite!
  2. Carter has been saying Da Da for a little while now, but two days ago was so tired and crying and he finally said Mama. It was more like mmmaaaaa…..maaaaa! But I loved it even though he was bawling and screaming. (He said it once on Valentine's Day, but hasn't said it since. So we're adding this to dada and bye bye.
  3. Carter waves Bye Bye whenever we put him in his crib for naptime or bedtime, as well as anytime we put him in his car seat. Grandma saw him do it first, and then it took almost a month for him to do it for me (he'd do it for her all the time!)
  4. Carter loves his big brother. I know this is not about Jackson but Carter will crawl over to Jackson and give him kisses, or pat him on the head. Love even when Jackson spends most of the time beating up on Carter (who takes it like a man by the way)
  5. Carter hates socks. Even from when he was really, really tiny. He would pull his socks off his feet. Little old ladies would say things to me like, "babies need socks mama so they don't get sick!" (Thank you so much – the thought never crossed my mind. In fact we don't even own socks for him! Ah!) He still does it. Put them on, put him in the car seat and before we're at Smiths (3 blocks away) he's got them off again.
  6. Carter hates the wind. He loves to be outside, but if it's windy he scrunches up his face, and if the wind hits his face acts like he's been slapped. Can't believe we'd let him go out in such horrible stuff… Rain though was so fun, kept looking up in the sky like what in the world is falling on me?
  7. Carter loves his bear. Uncle Kevin got him a teddy bear for Christmas, and he loves to cuddle it. He holds on to it, plays with it, gives it kisses, and although he doesn't snuggle it while sleeping it has to be in the crib, or he yells. When grandma was babysitting he wouldn't go to sleep in her crib, so she got him a stuffed doggy that looks almost the same, and he immediately went to sleep. Silly baby.
  8. Carter's new favorite toys are Easter Eggs filled with baby cereal (like cheerios or those toddler puffs – his version of candy, he should get something…). He shakes them forever. When they finally break open he gets a treat. The other favorite is this raggedy old doll/rattle from when I was a baby. He found it at grandma's and wouldn't give it back, so it came home to live with us. We had to hunt all over Costco last night because we thought we lost the ugly thing.

Carter is such a cute, happy, easy baby. We're so happy he came to live with us. Carter also loves his little friends – so he tags: Isabelle Ward, Cooper Thompson, Hallie Marx, Marissa Valley, Landon Bergquist, Sonnet Spears, Alyssa Pike, Zetta McBride, Natalie Davis, Alli Finnegan, Kolby Cotterell, Cohen Monsen, Trevor Young, Colton Harris & Sam Summers!
So I know it's a lot, but I want to hear about all your little ones!! Go!


Kara said...

Lauren has never liked socks either! And Grandma W always makes comments to me about it! Lauren is funny because I'll sit and watch her Kick off her socks and then her shoes! Good thing it's warm outside! Silly Girl!

Tricia said...

How cute! I love that Trevor is being tagged- I'll get on that. Trevor feels the same way about socks and wind! These boys are too cute. Carter is such a love and those rolls make him even cuter!

James said...

I love that Alli is tagged. Ill get on that tonight. Carter is so cute.

Megan & Shawn said...

Thanks for the tag! I can't wait to do it for Sam's Saturday Soup! Your boys are so darling Kelly!

The Dynamic Trio said...

Your blog is beautiful and your boys are just precious! I'm SO glad you found me. :)

Shelise said...

Hey kellie. I remember when you said that someone had left a comment on one of your blogs but it was a virus of some sort or something like that. WEll today I got two of the weirdest comments on my blog and so I am just wondering if you can give me a little more detail about yours. Thanks