Monday, March 3, 2008


We've gone from this - (the first furniture Bart & I bought after getting married - from Walmart) Bart reassures me that it was fine, but you could push on one side of it and the entire unit would lean. When I took it apart (yep, all by myself -while Bart went on bishopric visits, I did good), there were like 5 screws pulled out of the back! I'm so glad this is gone!

To This - (not from Walmart!)

Bart spent most of Saturday night putting our new entertainment center together. A belated Christmas gift (it just took us a long time to pick something out) from my mom & dad. We're slowly upgrading the furniture from college newlywed apartment furniture. We've done the dining table, the bedroom set & now the entertainment center. One each year since we left BYU and the student life. At some point my next big furniture wish will be a piano... hmmm, we'll see.
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Pike's Place said...

Very nice! New furniture is so fun.

James said...

That is beautiful.So glad you guys got it. We really do miss you guys. Love Joni and Chachie