Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whole New Story

Easter Egg Hunting is now serious business. Last year it was he'd pick up one egg, examine it, try and take it apart, had to eat the candy, then he'd move on to the second egg. It took major convincing to get him to pick up more than one egg at a time and put them in the basket. What good is it to have more than one egg in a basket, if you can't eat them? And eat them right this minute! This year went more like this. "Jackson stop! Slow Down! No, you have too many. Put that one back... Don't throw it back, set it back down. Jackson, I said no more! Fine you can have one more, but that's it." We still walked out with I think one or two more than he was supposed to have. Good thing I brought some extra eggs, because my own child went home with almost all of them!
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The Valley Family said...

I love the pictures! I can't believe how cute Jackson is!

The Valley Family said...

I love the pictures of Jackson. He is so cute!