Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yep - that's a barracuda

And since Carter got 7 teeth one week after he turned 6 months old that's what it has felt like since he's been nursing. So as of a week ago, he is officially weaned. I was disappointed we didn't make it a little longer (Jackson nursed until 10 months, but didn't get any teeth until he was 11 months old!) Carter rebelled and whined at me for the first little while, but after we introduced him to apple juice, fruit loops and other yummy things (such as a dough nut he tried this morning) he's fully adapted to the world of food and I'm fully enjoying my time off!


pcd said...

Okay, I need some tips for getting Natalie weaned. Seriously. She will NOT take anything else. HELP!

AlliFinn said...

That is crazy he has that many teeth!! Alli barely has 8. There was no nibbling during my 4 month stint so even thinking about being bit freaks me out.