Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are you kidding me!

I am so sick of being sick! Just when we think its getting better (ie... Carter was given the all clear to re-enter the world as we know it with no RSV). But he still has an ear infection, so since the other antibiotic didn't work they gave us Augmentin. If you're Dr prescribes this pick up your child and run away. This lovely coconut flavored liquid is a vomit inducer. So what is worse, happy child with ear ache, or miserable child with ear ache, throwing up all over the poor babysitter Friday night (we paid her more - isn't that a rule, if you get thrown up on you should get paid more...I'm owed a lot of back pay) Jackson woke up from his nap on Saturday afternoon and screamed for 2 hours. Not just whined, not just cried...screamed at the top of his lungs and fell on the floor. "I sick!" Hmmm.... do we believe this over the top dramatics display, or do we send the fugitive to his room to stay in time out until he's happy... (that would have been one long time out), because at 2 hours and 3 minutes Jackson achieved the all time world record in speed and velocity. (He got sick all over the floor, in the family, room & kitchen).
** Pause for guilty mom moment for not believing the sick child - and move on.**

We get him in bed, Carter in bed and then Bart starts saying, does your stomach hurt? Or am I just making myself think I'm sick? I was pretty good (rather than nauseous from the kids being nauseous) but up all night sick to his stomach, Bart was. Wake up Sunday morning, and I hurt so bad I couldn't even move. (Plus Carter wakes up and throws up all over his crib for the third time this week). So home from church we are again (no we're not inactive, just diseased). But what really bugs me is we missed a really fun BBQ with some friends in our ward today. The first Yay! It's spring! BBQ. Ticked. I was really looking forward to this. (But to all that was there, your welcome for not infecting you).

So here's our running total: (for the last two months)
* Bronchitis
* Stomach Flu
* Bronchilitis (yes its different, dumb but different)
* Stomach flu (three times - once Jackson, twice everyone)
* 5 ear infections (all but one Carter's)

Plus I had Lasik done on my eyes, so we've had way too many visits to Dr Offices in the last 2 months. So I've already informed my children that any more sicknesses and they are being Fed Ex-ed to Grandma Mickie in Washington. She misses them enough, she'd take them sick or not. I taught 3rd grade with 28 students and only got sick twice then entire year (while pregnant mind you), with two little boys in my house, we are constantly sick! I cannot wait until it is summer! This is ridiculous.


hollyhs5 said...

oh kellie, i'm so sorry for your cute sick little family! hope you feel better soon!

Tricia said...

I'm so sorry!! I'm in the same boat and just posted the same mad post to not go to the BBQ! It's just me sick so I'm really sorry you are ALL sick! Here's to getting better by Wednesday so we can go to playgroup and then shopping at the new Old Navy in Town Square!!!! After this, we deserve a new outfit, well you two!

Mitzi said...

after reading yours and Tricia's emails, I am glad I am not there! So who was throwing the BBQ?

Pike's Place said...

I'm not sure who threw the BBQ -- I'm out of the loop on that social scene, I guess. See, Kellie? Isn't Augmentin evil? Ugh! I have such bad memories regarding that miserable drug.