Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is how the Dr. Appt Started

Carter & Jackson were scheduled for a well checkup. Carter had been sick the week before, and it had been more like a cold the last few days, so I just decided to bring them in on their well check rather than make another appt. So we went in for a well check, expecting a cold, and maybe a few shots (we're a little behind, because we could never get in to see their old pediatrician), the kids were pretty good. I thought we had made it out pretty good. No shots this time because the cold, didn't end up being a cold.
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cosme & lindsay said...

hey guys! love the blog. eva had a nebulizer for a while and it was a nightmare. we finally gave up cause it made her so mad and she started getting better. your boys are so darling. i know, too bad our kids are cousins, right?