Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boys love Boxes

My parents got a new chair and the box that it came in became a quick favorite at our house. This was Carter's first introduction to the fun of a big box. The first morning Jackson talked me into the box and I didn't get out for a half hour. He brought me pillows from the couch, a blankie, Carter's teddy bear so I wouldn't be alone, a cup of water, and one raisin (so I wouldn't be hungry). It was so cute. Then he decided I needed activities, so he went and got me 2 books. "Need two more books mama?" okay, here's two more, and two more, two more, until we had every book out of his room.

These were Carter's first impressions of the box. He loves it. He read books, (opened them, then smacked himself in the face with them) and followed Jackson everytime he gets in the box. Yesterday we couldn't find him, but he was just happily playing in his box. It will be in its prominent place in our family room for quite some time I'm sure.

Jackson got creative with the box. It only took about 10 minutes, and Jackson had climbed up on top (good thing its really sturdy), and we hear "To Infinity & Beyond!" about 15 times a day, as Jackson dives off the box and onto his "Layer" (what he calls the chaise lounge).
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Pike's Place said...

Jayce also says "To infinity and beyond." That's so funny! I'm glad they're friends.

There's nothing better than a box!