Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carter's First movie day

When my kids are sick (like throwing up sick not just a cold), they get a movie day. Lot's of down time, drinks, and snacks. But the best part Jackson thinks is that we move the recliner over so that its in front of the TV and he gets his own big chair for his movie. So Jackson woke up from his nap one day last week burning up (fever of 103.8) and immediately threw up. I gave him children's Motrin, got him in the bath tub, gave him juice, and within a pretty short time had the fever down to 99. But he was still not feeling great. Carter had been sick the few days before, so we figured it was just whatever Carter had. So when Jackson wanted his movie time, carter wanted to do it too. They watched Toy Story II (Carter about 7 minutes of it, and then he was done), but they had fun while Carter would sit there. (Please disregard the nose picking - thanks for that Jacks and the circle on his tummy is not some weird skin disease, it's a spiderman tattoo)

How Carter spent the rest of the movie
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Pike's Place said...

I love that picture of Carter at the bottom. What a sweet face! Movie afternoons are great until the kids get too antsy (about 15 minutes in for us). Sick days are different, though.