Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter came to our house on Saturday this year. With church at 9 am on Sunday now, I have a hard enough time getting the boys up and dressed let alone letting them do Easter baskets and play with toys. Last year Bart didn't even get to see Jackson do his Easter basket because he was already gone to whatever meetings (at least this year they didn't have any). Sunday would have been here's your basket, okay time to go. Not very fun, so we did it on Saturday (they don't know), and then went to Bart's Pulte homes kid's Easter egg hunt. Sunday was Easter dinner at Grandma's and another Easter egg hunt at Grandma's. It was kind of nice because the kids got two days of Easter, one with baskets and the Easter bunny (who was at the Pulte Party), and then Sunday was a little more about Christ and family. Carter's Easter was cars and musical instruments (he loves noise & music, so he got toy marachas, a tambourine, flute, trumpet) and a few stuffed animals. Jackson's basket was more animal themed with dinosaurs, jungle animals, stretchy frogs, and of course sports shaped eggs. (Jackson informed me Easter was a girl holiday, and he didn't want any of those girl eggs).
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