Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to keep a baby busy

We got Jackson "Bee Movie" (which if I have to watch one more time...) and the first time we're watching it we watched it on our big projector screen. So the whole room was dark, Jackson was totally into the movie, Bart was laying with Jacks and I was working on the computer. Carter had been playing on the floor, when he sat up, started watching the movie. 5 minutes later still sitting completely still watching the movie. 15 minutes....20 minutes.... I think there is no way he likes the movie that much, what is he doing. Mmmm ... found one of Jackson's dum dum suckers (from Easter) and had been sucking away happily for more than 20 minutes. Just loving it. How come no one ever told me that there are things like suckers!?!? Straight sugar on a stick? What could be better? (He had a melt down when we took it away a few minutes later).
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Pike's Place said...

If only they weren't so sticky . . . then suckers would be perfect!