Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jackson loves the Firemen

Everywhere we go Jacks can spot a fire truck or "amlance". Thanks to Lisa (Jackson's new favorite friend) for scheduling the play group to go to the fire station, he got to see first hand the fun things firemen get to do. Carter was down for a nap, and I thought this was a good Daddy activity, so Bart went under strict orders that pictures MUST be taken. He did well, came home with over 40 pictures. Jackson was so excited when he got home. He just kept talking about that he touched a real fire truck! Couldn't even comprehend that he'd got in it, or sat at the wheel, it was just enough that he touched it. Jackson loved it! Bart came home surprised, he said it was the first time he'd seen Jackson quite and shy. He was so overwhelmed he just couldn't take it all in... Who knows maybe in 20 years we'll have a real fireman on our hands (and his mom will be a nervous wreck until he calls home everyday!)
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Pike's Place said...

I feel honored that Jackson is a fan of mine (although not deserved -- but it's nice anyway). We missed you at the fire station! I'm sorry you're sick (I was wondering where you were today). Feel better Yeates family!

Mitzi said...

That is so funny b/c we saw the firetruck at the grocery store the other day and the firemen let Connor climb in and he did but he was so shy and wouldn't even look at the firemen. He wouldn't even put the firehat on that they gave him. But it was so cute. They said we were welcome to come by the station anytime and play on the truck. So we are going to do it for FHE and hope that Connor won't be so shy this time.

Megan & Shawn said...

Sam loves fire trucks too! Its been so fun to go and see them up close and personal. Its one of his favorite activities!