Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Easter Fashion

There were grand plans about everyone's Easter outfits and the family portraits that were going to be taken. Carter's cute little shirt/sweater vest, has a matching brother in orange that Jackson was wearing. That is until 2 minutes before we were leaving for Grandma's house when he got in the tub and turned on the water. I was so mad I made him ride over to Grandma's in the wet clothes, because I had to get over there to start the dinner (my parents were still in church). Jackson says in his little quiet voice, "Mama, it's okay. Grandma will make me dry." One of those mom moments I'm not so proud of. Basically, Jackson knew Grandma would take care of him, and not be mad. Grandma is nicer than mama. So we got to Grandma's got him out of his wet church clothes, put both boys down for naps, started dinner, and when he woke up the only dry clothes he had at Grandma's was his swimsuit. By this time I was in my infamous yoga pants (that Bart hates) , and Carter somewhere along the way took off his pants. So our family portrait would have been a monument. Not to the cute, perfectly styled family I had attempted, but to chaos that lives in our house most days. At least with the chaos we still manage to love each other.
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