Saturday, May 31, 2008

Choo Choo Bea jooo

That's what Jackson calls the Bellagio (Beajoo). After we went with the cub scouts it was one of his favorite places. So when I saw on friend's blogs that their boys had loved the trains there, I knew it would be a hit with Jackson.

What I didn't realize is what a hit it would be with Carter. He loved the trains. He growled and yelled until we let him out of the stroller, then he spent the rest of the time trying to climb over the retaining wall, and touch them. Then yelling at us when we wouldn't let him. At least he tired himself out.

What is it that every family picture we try to take ends up weird?
#1 - Jackson crying because we wanted him to smile.
#2 - Dad says stop crying so its better to pick your nose
#3 - Notice weird lady cut off in picture, in the original she's scowling like we tried to throw her under the train, and sticking her hand out into our picture.
#4 - the best of the day, but still not a winner. (Nice scowl Jacks)

Then we went outside with the boys (and Tanya & Jarod who were visiting) to watch the fountains. Jackson kept calling them the dancing rain. Carter just couldn't understand what we were doing, and although he never took his eyes off them, he never took the bottle out, or did anything but look really concerned. What a serious baby.
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Mitzi said...

I am so jealous! I want to take my son to the Choo-choo Bea jooo!

Tricia said...

How fun, we are going to have to do this too! I have given up on the whole family picture thing but don't you hate when a stranger ruins a picture like that. I don't think they understand how hard it is to get a good picture with 2 young boys!

Pike's Place said...

Tricia, Kellie, we should go! Jayce would love it, and what an adventure to venture on the strip!

Chris and Shani said...

your family is looking so cute. Make sure to keep the night of July 11th open on your calendar!