Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Mothers’ Day!!

Happy mother's day Jackson said as he threw his shoes under the suburban as we got out to go into church. (So I had to climb underneath in my dress to get them, in front of our high counsel man – who laughed and also said Happy Mother's Day)

Happy mother's day Carter said as he rubbed rice krispie treats all over the front of my black sweater during sacrament meeting. (and after church I found children's blue sparkly toothpaste in my hair…lovely)

Happy mother's day Jackson said as he took off his clothes and ran streaking for the fourth time that day, as we tried to take family pictures. (He only smiled when we told him he could play water balloons afterwards, I know on Sunday, we were desperate).

Happy mother's day Carter said as he tried to walk out the back door, falling and cutting his face from left cheek to chin, just in time for said family pictures.

Happy Mother's day Jackson said as he pinned his brother down on the ground and tried to make him wrestle (Carter screamed so loud at Jackson, Jackson got scared and ran away crying! Go Carter!!)

Happy Mother's Day Carter said as he took off his diaper and finger painted all over the crib, himself and his stuffed animals. (His favorite color must be brown.)

Happy mother's day Jackson said as he gave me my mother's day card, and said "this says, thank you, I love you in my heart!" (One of the sweetest cards Bart has ever written me, and roses).

Happy mother's day Carter said as he walked to me and said mama. He's only said it a handful of times, the first on Valentine's Day. He saves it for big occasions.

Happy mother's day as I then forgot everything else they'd done, and remembered why no matter how many times they slime me, frustrate me, and why I love nothing more than those sticky hugs and slobbery open mouth, baby kisses.


Tiffani said...

THat is too funny! I think every mom can relate! At least I know I can!

Pike's Place said...

You couldn't have said it better! Loved your post.

Tricia said...

You made me cry! What crazy yet sweet boys. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!