Monday, May 5, 2008

Insights into the Three Year Old Mind of Jackson

Jackson, Carter and I were preparing for his birthday party (in the day and a half we were in town), so we went to Target. (Gotta love Target). As I drove into the parking lot, and told Jackson we were going to Target, (he always has to know where we're going or he won't get out of the car seat), I hear this little mumbling toddler voice. "To ride the big red ball . . . or not ride the big red ball . . . To ride the big red ball . . . or not ride the big red ball . . . " And as I'm sure is running through your head, all I could think is "That is the question". And as you can see, the answer is always "Ride the big red ball."
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Pike's Place said...

Jayce rides the big ball as well -- his favorite Target characteristic (as well as the toy section). Jackson's so fun!

Meija said...

That is so funny. Amelia's favorite thing is going over those bumpy pavers that look like legos in the cart. It makes the cart shake and therefor her voice shake..."Ahhhh..aH..hA..aH..HA"

P.S. Does Erin have a blog?