Monday, May 5, 2008

Jackson's House

Bart took Jackson's box and made it into a house for him. The plan was to let the kids decorate the house as part of Jackson's construction party. But instead Jackson decided that morning to flood our back yard, and fill his kiddie pool (which I didn't know he'd turned the hose on and then come inside, since I was making food for the party), so when I went out it was already completely filled running over. So the dumb pool is so heavy I couldn't dump it. So that became the big activity. I warned the parents but we still had a lot of soaking wet little boys, good things for clothes dryers, and lots of towels.
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Pike's Place said...

Thanks again for Jackson's clothes and the use of your dryer. I had no idea we'd need those items, but our boys sure had fun, didn't they?

Tricia said...

Thanks for such a great party! The boys had so much fun and have been enjoying their hats and hitting each other with the blow up hammers all day long!