Monday, May 5, 2008

My Baby is Three

"A new Nemo!" (Because mama ran over the other Nemo with the car) "A Cameron!" (Jackson's new camera, so he'll stop taking 85 pictures on my "cameron".)

"Tigger & Pooh!" Loves new books, and "Lighting!" This car has been driven into and under everything (and into the back of my heels over and over again!)

Jackson was our surprise baby. Surprise we're pregnant, surprise your blood pressure is out of control and dangerous and your having the baby today, surprise the baby's heart rate is only 30 and we have to do a c-section right now. Surprise his cord was clamped shut and blocking him so he never would have come. Surprise the baby is blue. There were a lot of surprises. Jackson's birthday has always been a little hard for me. I have bawled every year. Jackson is such a busy, curious boy. He wants to know and learn everything there is. Anyone that has spent much time with him knows that he's definitely a talker (and has been since 15 months). At times he can push me just right and until I think I can't take it anymore, and then he'll surprise you with the sweetest most thoughtful things. He brings me flowers from outside, he gives me loves and snuggles at night, he saves me a spot on his pillow to lay with him. When I'm gone he kisses my face over and over again. He is more fun and makes bigger messes than I could ever have thought of on my own. He calls me honey and sweetheart. He holds doors open for me. He is such a good helper and is learning to be such a great big brother. I have such a hard time with his birthday because it's almost like a reminder to me that we almost missed out on all the wonders that have been brought to our lives because of Jackson. Jackson changed my life forever. He is a blessing I never knew that I was capable of receiving or deserving. I learn so much from him, and although he takes all the energy I have (and some days more than I have), I love him with all my heart. I am truly blessed and undeserving to be his "sweetheart mama".
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Pike's Place said...

Happy B-Day Jackson! Your age matches Jayce's age now, so we're happy glad to have you as our friend (and your mom, too)!

The Dynamic Trio said...

Oh my heavens i LOVE that cake!! How incredible! My baby turns 2 next week and i can't believe how fast time has flown by. Children are such little blessings.