Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carter & His Daddy

This was almost a year ago. About two weeks before Carter was born Bart was put in the bishopric. (Our poor Bishop thought he'd put me into labor when he told us), I have to admit that I was very scared and a little selfish when I realized that meant sacrament meetings by myself. And other than one Sunday where the entire Bishopric was laughing as Jackson misbehaved, I have really been blessed. Most days it's not that bad, always tiring, but I know that I've been blessed because of the service that Bart has been providing. But more importantly the example that it has set for our boys has been amazing to me. We have gotten to know so many more people in our ward because of it, We've had such wonderful experiences, and the small changes we've experienced in our life has been well worth the fight alone. I am so grateful that my wonderful husband is setting such a good example and helping me to teach our boys to try your hardest to do what is right. Funny story: Today we stopped by my parents' church (my little brother Kevin was set apart as an Elder to go off to college) and Jackson tried to run through a big flower bed filled with flowers. Bart told him not to, then tried to explain in three year old language that we need to be respectful to the flowers and ended up telling him that they were Jesus' flowers. So Jackson walked through the rest of the parking lot on the way to the car - "Is this Jesus' light pole?" Is this Jesus' sidewalk?" Not quite what we were going for but hey we're trying.
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