Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Here's our Daddy before he was our Daddy! We're so blessed that he is such a hard working, spirtual, fun Daddy. Here are some little known facts about our Daddy. . . (Warning the posts following are a little long - so don't feel bad if you don't get through them all!)

* Bart changed school rules - Bart decided on his first day of kindergarten that rather than go home he should take the bus home with a brand new friend he made. After his mom realized her 6 year old wasn't home, and called the school and the bus yard, (and since it was a brand new friend, had never met him), the two 6 year olds were found walking along the highway (because the friend's parents weren't home), and a friend of theirs recognized Bart and brought him home. Little kids now only get off at their own stops, without parent permission. (I probably butchered the story, but you get the idea...naughty kindergartener).

* Bart destroyed his favorite pick up truck - Bart drove a very cool (so I'm told) pick up in high school. He and his dad loved this truck. One night driving stupid he flipped the pickup not only rolling it, but flipping it end over end. It landed upside down, when he and his friend had to crawl out of the wreckage. I've seen pictures, and the cab is smashed almost completely level with the bed of the truck, so there should have been no way these two dumb boys should have kept their heads in tact, but they for the most part walked away. Thanks for not killing yourself honey, you ever try this again and I'll kill you myself.

* Bart has his own little Washington accent - He says melk instead of milk. Pellow instead of Pillow. Thank Ya instead of Thank you. I mock him, but its kinda cute too. And yes Jackson says Melk and pellow too... it must be genetic. At lease he doesn't say Warshington.

* He has had the same shoes since we got married - not the same pair mind you, but the same shoes. He just buys a new pair but in the exact same style. About once a year he buys new white addidas. Then they all get moved down the cycle, the 3rd oldest pair become his new grungy shoes (for painting and really bad jobs). The 2nd oldest become his everyday work shoes, the new shoes become is good do something after work shoes, and the 4th oldest pair get junked. (At least its now Addidas, when we were dating he used to do the same with K-Swiss, when I informed him he wasn't black enough to wear K-Swiss. He would love to be, because then he could probably dunk, but sadly alas he's not).

* He's the best Dad, and Husband we could ask for. He even does things like save ticket stubs or programs from events he goes to (because Kellie might want them to scrapbook), and he can set up the most amazing chocolate fountain display (3 fountains, varying levels of height), he makes an amazing hamburger, and has an almost unhealthy obsession with keeping our cars clean (once spent 3+ hours detailing our Accord, even unbolted the chairs to get the cheerios out, but he's starting to rub off his cleanliness on me and he's thrilled about it). We love our Daddy, he's not perfect but he's so wonderful to us, and we couldn't ask for anything else. Happy Father's Day Honey!!

(Here's a few more reasons we love our Daddy)
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