Monday, June 16, 2008

Jackson took us all by surprise (and still does most days). We thought we had our lives pretty well planned. Well Jackson came a year earlier than we had planned, then came by emergency c-section after his heartrate dropped to 30 (you can see in the picture he was still a little blue), then we ended up moving to Las Vegas when he was 8 days old. We thought we were going for Bart's internship and three weeks into the internship that turned into a permanent job, which meant Bart had to leave the Construction Management program that he loved. We moved to Las Vegas, and Bart has had to finish his degree by independent study through BYU. I have always felt bad that he didn't get to finish and graduate, but that decision has drastically changed what has happened with our family. When Bart would have graduated and been applying for jobs, the housing market crashed, and it would have been nearly impossible for a newly graduated construction management major to get a job. But since Bart had more than a year experience he has kept his job, and has enabled our family to stay here, have a good job, and great opportunities. Bart is a very hard worker, he enjoys working with his hands (which is very handy around the house) but is always willing to help out. He frequently helps my dad with projects around their house (last weekend it was a leaky kitchen sink and an eventual emptying sewage trap on his head), and is always working so hard to provide for our little family. I'm very grateful that he is the kind of man that takes pride in working hard and would do anything to make sure his kids were taken care of. With the housing market the way it is, we know it's not impossible that he could be laid off, and as scary as the possibility is I know that because of the type of man Bart is that he would do anything he could to take care of us, and that takes away most of the apprehension and stress I feel. (Most cause I'm just naturally prone to worry). I love you honey!
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